Kerro & Anis_Boss

Kerro & Anis_Boss

Cyber Security Enthusiasts



  • Anis_Boss is a tunisian Cyber Security Consultant. he is graduated as Computer Science & Networks Engineer at @INSAT. He spends time digging stuffs like Bugs exploitation, Reverse engineering. He like playing hacking competitions (Capture The Flag contests) and he is part of the3000 team.
  • KERRO is a tunisian Networking and Telecommunication engineering student @INSAT. he’s interested in cyber security generally and low level stuff specifically. He enjoys playing CTF competitions with the3000 team, reverse engineering and binary exploitation challenges mostly.


  • Binary Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Penetration Testing
  • Programming

Recent Posts

ALLES! 2020 CTF nullptr

Challenge Details Event Challenge Category Link ALLES! CTF nullptr PWN Description We participated in ALLES! CTF 2020 with [the3000]( team, and we ranked 8th at the end \o/ ! .

Pwn2Win 2020 At_Your_Command

Challenge Details Event Challenge Category Link Pwn2Win At_Your_Command PWN Description Through reverse engineering work on Pixel 6, we identified the ButcherCorp server responsible for programming the RBSes.

TG:HACK 2020 Useless Crap

​ Challenge Details Event Challenge Category Link TG:Hack CTF 2020 Useless Crap PWN ​ Description Here’s some useless crap for you.